Individual Consultation Package

You will meet with me one-to-one in an on-line private forum. There we will spend 90 minutes discussing a behavior, training, or enrichment issue of your choice on the animal of your choice. Technique and application can be addressed with photos, slides, and more to accompany your consultation. This is a great communication tool for companion animal owners, trainers wanting live and detailed examples, and facilities wanting training teams to observe and be involved. $150 will reserve your Individual Consultation Package.

1 On-Line Consults + 1 webinar is $150

On-Line Behavior Package

For several behavior issues, consistent follow-up and training adjustments, and continual observation may be needed. This package includes the initial consultation of an hour and a half and three 1-hour follow up consultations to be scheduled once a week for the 3 consecutive weeks.

Education and your understanding is our primary focus. For this reason we packaged the four sessions in combination with two webinars of your choice or our recommendation based on each individual On-Line Package. This is one of our most popular services based on our client feedback and consistency in desired behavior change due to the weekly guidance and answers to questions along the way.

4 On-Line Consults + 2 webinars is $450

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The Animal Behavior Center
"If you have a deaf dog, angry parrot, bonded pigeon or frustrated vulture (it’s illegal to take injured or orphaned animals from the wild, please don’t do this ?), Lara is a non-judgmental, start-where-you-are professional. The best way to help an animal you love with issues they have is to work on how you communicate with them; we weren’t all born knowing how to speak sign language or pigeon or vulture. So please, PLEASE ask a translator for help, if you can’t understand the animals around you. Lara is a translator; it’s her life’s work and clearly what she was put on this earth to do."