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periscope-logoPeriscope is a newish live-streaming app that lets you watch broadcasts from around the world.  The Animal behavior Center is using this app to give you great tips and tell you about things going on at the center and the animals that make it so special. A sample of some of our broadcasts are shown below.  Also you should go to periscope.tv on your iPhone or Android enabled smartphone and get the app so you can watch Lara’s daily Periscope broadcasts along with her weekly broadcast “Coffee With The Critters” every Sunday morning at 9am eastern.


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The Animal Behavior Center
"If you have a deaf dog, angry parrot, bonded pigeon or frustrated vulture (it’s illegal to take injured or orphaned animals from the wild, please don’t do this ?), Lara is a non-judgmental, start-where-you-are professional. The best way to help an animal you love with issues they have is to work on how you communicate with them; we weren’t all born knowing how to speak sign language or pigeon or vulture. So please, PLEASE ask a translator for help, if you can’t understand the animals around you. Lara is a translator; it’s her life’s work and clearly what she was put on this earth to do."