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The Animal Behavior Center

The Animal Behavior Center
Lara Joseph
Professional Animal Behavior Consultant & Trainer

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  • Start solving your parrot problems TODAY!
  • SCREAMING, BITING, PLUCKING? – Learn how enrichment, training, and behavior change plans can help resolve it!
  • EASY online support and guidance, at your fingertips throughout the year in The Parrot Project!
  • INSTANT ACCESS to TOP RATED parrot community – weekly training live-streams!
  • Free, live-streamed, parrot-related webinars, live streamed interviews with avian professionals!
  • Get the power of SCIENCE-BASED training methods that WORK, with Lara Joseph!
  • Learn how to teach your birds to forage, create motivation, and more!
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What people are saying about The Parrot Project

Being a member of this group has been life changing for my birds and me. We have gone from questioning my ownership of one of my birds to getting behaviors that I had only dreamed of having with all of my birds. They accept showers that was unheard of before, they can take liquids from a syringe, they know how to target and station and are easily moved from place to place with no force at all, and so many more things! I highly recommend this group to both novice and expert bird owners – there’s always something to learn to give your bird a better life! Lara can help you to do that!

Lyn Rhodes

This is the best parrot group! I joined to learn how to train my bird to behave. I gained an understanding of what behavior is and how I can manipulate the environment to get the behaviors I want, which, in turn, gave me a true relationship with my parrot. The group is highly interactive and informative, and it’s all under the guidance of Lara Joseph, who makes learning fun.

Sandra Woolsey

Member of The Parrot Project

I just want to highly recommend Lara Joseph’s podcasts to anybody who may not have listened to them. They are fantastic! I have listened to all of them – I think – and have listened to many of them multiple times. If you have not listened to the podcasts – I can not recommend them enough!

Lauren DuPont Smith

Level I Member

I’ve been a part of the parrot project for 3 months. I joined for my cockatoo’s feather destructive behaviors but have found so much more! I’ve learned things that help my entire flock from teaching them all to forage to teaching behaviors that make my life and their care easier.

Beth Steptoe

Member of The Parrot Project

I am convinced after joining the Parrot Project that every breeder, rescue, or bird retailer should recommend it as a sure way to achieve a successful ownership experience and enriched and happy life for your parrot. The many available books oversimplify the positive reinforcement and training process and Lara Joseph demonstrates it in a clear and readily achievable manner. There is no substitute! Joining was the best thing I have ever done to enrich our animals.

Frank Kares

Member of The Parrot Project

I recommend the Parrot Project to anyone having any problem with their bird! I learned how to enrich my birds life in so many different ways from Lara & all the PP members! Come join us!

Rae Lastella

Member of The Parrot Project

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