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“When We Know Better, We Do Better!”

Empowering the lives of animals and the people that care for them through our online, live-streaming services focused on positive reinforcement and the easy understanding of applied behavior analysis.
Lara Joseph, animal trainer and owner of The Animal Behavior Center

About Us

The Animal Behavior Center, LLC is an international education center helping people conveniently learn online via our live streaming services on animal behavior, training, and enrichment. We help the individual animal lover, shelters, zoos, wildlife educators, professional trainers and veterinary staff easily understand the science of behavior through positive reinforcement and Applied Behavior Analysis, no matter what the species of animal.

Coffee With The Critters

Join us every Sunday morning at 9 AM EST on The Animal Behavior Center’s Facebook page for a free, educational live-stream covering animal behavior, training, and enrichment. Our live-streams are fun, interactive and include demonstrations on animal training, Q&A’s, interviews with other animal professionals, and more. Be sure to turn on your notifications to know when we are live-streaming. All replays are available on our YouTube channel.

Lara’s strong focus on training as enrichment has definitely changed my approach in my day-to-day work with my own animals.

- DEB JONES, PhD, professional dog trainer and author

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The Animal Behavior Center offers personal, group, and online learning.

Training a turkey vulture at The Animal Behavior Center

Custom Workshops

Design a workshop around your individual group of novices or expand your professional training skills through working with an array of species and behaviors.

Lara Joseph speaking at an animal behavior and training workshop


Interested in having Lara present at your venue? She can travel to your location or present via teleconferencing.

zookeepers training two lemurs

A Day With The Trainer

Come and spend a day, two, or three working next to Lara Joseph and the staff. See first hand how they work with animal behaviors, training and enrichment. A unique encounter.

Training a roller pigeon with positive reinforcement training


Lara offers online consultations, packages, and annual guidance for the individual or organization.

The Animal Behavior Center Memberships

Providing the convenience in distance learning, guidance, and advice at your fingertips.

Foundations of Animal Training & Behavior


Includes and is focused on companion animals:

  • Monthly live-stream on animal behavior, training, or enrichment
  • Monthly live-streamed Q&A’s
  • Monthly, information-packed podcasts
  • Free behavior related, live-streamed webinars
  • Group activities
  • Video library on behavior, training, and enrichment
  • 1/2 off all Projects
  • Immediate access to webinar library
  • Available for virtual consultations, at an additional charge

Advanced Applied Animal Training & Behavior


Includes and is focused on people wanting more content, thinking about working with animals, Professional trainers, zoo trainers, shelter workers, bcbas and more.

  • All benefits from Foundations of Animal Training & Behavior, plus list below
  • Weekly live-stream on animal behavior, training, or enrichment
  • Monthly live-streamed, group discussions
  • Virtual networking activities
  • Zoo training
  • Behind the scene live-streams during travel and conferences
  • Free virtual seating in all live-streamed webinars
  • Group activities/paper reviews/problem solving
  • Live-stream interviews with experts in the animal world
  • Live-stream reviews of Members’ animal training videos
  • Access to printable articles
  • Online consultations at no charge

Species Specific Learning

Our Projects provide access to species specific learning. Bundle a Membership with a Project and save!
Members receive $100 off the non-member price (only $99 per project!)

The Parrot Project


The Deaf Dog Project


The Pig Project


The Snow Project


If you are not a member but are interested in a membership, you can learn more at the Membership Page.


Webinars are presentations you can attend from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. You can see and hear the presenter and watch the many examples given. Guidelines are very easy to follow and you can save the download for future references and replay. You can join from your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

Featured Animal Training Products

Use the some of the same training tools we use when we work with animals here at The Animal Behavior Center.

Animal Behavior Center Yoga style Station mat


Animal Behavior Center Large Lollipop Target Sticks


Animal Behavior Center Universal Training Package


Animal Behavior Center Treat Pouch for All Animals – Available in 7 colors


If you have a deaf dog, angry parrot, or frustrated animal, I recommend contacting Lara at The Animal Behavior Center. Lara is a non-judgmental, start-where-you-are professional. The best way to help an animal you love with issues they have is to work on how you communicate with them; we weren’t all born knowing how to speak sign language or parrot or pig. So please, PLEASE ask a translator for help, if you can’t understand the animals around you. Lara is a translator; it’s her life’s work and clearly what she was put on this earth to do."


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