The Animal Behavior Center

The Animal Behavior Center, LLC is an educational training center located in NW Ohio for all people interested in animals and increasing their relationships and quality of care through positive reinforcement interaction. We promote and focus on force-free training and interaction with animals not only through positive reinforcement training, but understandable approaches and applications in behavior analysis.








The Hardest Animal to Train

Many times I am asked, "What is the hardest animal you have ever trained?" My answer may surprise you, then maybe not. It's not a certain species. My answer is 'the ones with a long, unenriched, unsocialized history'. Those can also be the most dangerous to the...

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Do Animals Have Emotions?

Imagine, what would life be without emotions? Emotions are a state of consciousness that coincide with physiological changes. Our emotions affect mood and how we interact with our environment. They both reinforce and punish behavior. They can be deciding factors in...

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The Animal Behavior Center
"If you have a deaf dog, angry parrot, bonded pigeon or frustrated vulture (it’s illegal to take injured or orphaned animals from the wild, please don’t do this ?), Lara is a non-judgmental, start-where-you-are professional. The best way to help an animal you love with issues they have is to work on how you communicate with them; we weren’t all born knowing how to speak sign language or pigeon or vulture. So please, PLEASE ask a translator for help, if you can’t understand the animals around you. Lara is a translator; it’s her life’s work and clearly what she was put on this earth to do."