Who the Membership is Designed For

This membership program is designed around the individual or team that wants to build stronger relationships with their animals through trust.

This membership program is not only for the companion animal caretaker but it is also designed for people taking care of numerous animals in zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and individuals wanting to have a more thorough understanding of why behaviors exist and how to change them.

This membership program will explain the depths of training new behaviors and behavior modification plans to those wanting an understandable approach to the science behind learning theory using positive reinforcement and Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Animal Behavior Center Memberships

Providing the convenience in distance learning, guidance, and advice at your fingertips.

Which Level is Right for Me?

Watch live or on the replay. The importance is not necessarily in attending the live streams, but to be able to watch the replays at your convenience with the opportunity to continue engagement, and watching the training unedited.

Due to immediate access of content, there are no refunds once your payment is completed.

We Also Provide Species Specific Learning

Our Projects provide access to species specific learning. Bundle a Membership with a Project and save!
Members receive $100 off the non-member price (only $99 per project!)

The Parrot Project


The Deaf Dog Project


The Pig Project


The Snow Project


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