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All Species Webinars

The Importance & Effective Use of Bridging

Bridging, also known as a marker, is one of the most important tools we have in the toolbox of teaching animal behaviors. It is one of the most important and one of the most misused, if used at all. A bridge is a sound or signal that tells the animal that a particular behavior is what is earning it the reinforcer. Some people use a clicker, a whistle, a hand signal, the word ‘Good’, and more. The bridge is one of the most important forms of communication we have with the animal. If you are not getting the behavior you are wanting, this is an area you may want to give serious consideration.

Reinforcers, Reinforcement, & Identification

What is the difference between reinforcers and reinforcement mean? Why are these different than rewards? Identifying reinforcers, positive reinforcers, and understanding the difference in negative reinforcement is can be more challenging that one may originally think. Reinforcers aren’t always food and if we are relying on food as our only positive reinforcers, it won’t be long before we find ourselves in a situation with our animal asking “What do I do now?” There are also many situations where our animals are giving us behaviors but not because they want to. Be very careful in these situations. This webinar covers all aspects of the above mentioned, more, and examples of all.

Understanding Behavior

This is one of our most popular webinars and often attended repeatedly. In this webinar we cover the underlying reasons to why behaviors exist, the tools needed to change them, and how to maintain behaviors we want to see increase. This is a foundation webinar that should be attended by everyone interested in behavior, animals, and working with behavior. I explain the tools and approaches I use in modifying behavior issues and the details of what I do to keep desired behaviors continuing.

Bird Webinars

The Power of Enrichment on Parrot Behavior

I always say, “The more intelligent the animal, the harder it is to keep.” That is definitely the parrot! Enrichment plays a large portion in preventing behavior concerns by keeping our parrots busy doing appropriate behaviors. Enrichment is also a part of all of our behavior-change plans. If you have behavior concerns with your parrot, this webinar goes into detail about how you can use enrichment to change behavior issues. This recorded webinar is 90 minutes in length and also includes photos and videos of different enrichment we use for our parrots at The Animal Behavior Center. It also includes a Q&A after the presentation.

If you are interested in the content of changing behavior through enrichment in this webinar, you may also find benefit in also looking at our webinar “Teaching Your Bird to Forage”. You may also find the benefit of joining our annual Membership called The Parrot Project.

Preparing Your Bird for Flight & Beginning Recall

By popular request we have designed a webinar with heavy and detailed content on preparing your bird for beginning flight, flight training, and beginning recall training. There are many elements to consider when thinking about training your bird for flight. Living with seven flighted birds, most from a shelter and clipped wing history, I will go in depth on the approaches of working with each bird as an individual, concerns seen in the avian world, how we work with potential dangers, how flight impacts behavior issues, and arranging the environment for success.

Teaching Your Bird To Forage

If you have a bird and it is not foraging, this webinar should be top priority in your household or facility. Intelligent minds, such as the parrot’s, need other behaviors to keep their minds occupied. This webinar goes in-depth on where to begin teaching your bird to forage, no matter what its age. We will cover why it may not have worked for you in the past. Most of our birds here at the Center have come to us from shelters and not knowing how to forage. Lara will explain in detail all of the steps taken to teach each bird to forage and continue foraging. We will also discuss how to use foraging to help modify behavior concerns.

Enrichment for the Advanced Forager

Is your parrot destroying toys faster than you can make or buy them? Does your parrot already know how to forage but your wanting to bump it up a notch? This webinar is for you! Keep your bird foraging or it can resort to giving you other behaviors and probably behaviors you are not going to like. Foraging is one of our favored forms of enrichment because it keeps active minds busy and away from practicing undesired behaviors such as feather destructive behaviors, screaming, and chasing. We have many foragers here at the center, all whom we have taught. The same toys can get boring quick. Join Lara as she shares with you the different toys she makes and designs at the Center for the advanced foragers that live there. Watch videos and see what she does to advance complexities and keep those intelligent minds occupied with a job they look forward to doing.

Creative Aviaries & Enclosures

One of my most requested presentations. If you own or care for birds, this is a must see. See photos of different aviaries, videos of construction, materials used, ideas, expansions, restrictions, hazards, mistakes made, and more. We will go in-depth of the endless possibilities in finding room for an aviary and building indoor enclosures. Don’t have the space or budget for an aviary. Yes, we address aviaries on a budget and how to get creative with space no matter where you live.

Pigs Webinars

Addressing Aggression with Your Pig

Are you concerned with aggressive behaviors you see with your pig? Is it charging, biting, and head-swinging? Has it learned to squeal and lunge at you when you are trying to get it to do what you want or need it to do? Can’t have visitors over anymore? This webinar is a must for any pig owner concerned with or already seeing these behaviors. The sooner you start changing these behaviors the sooner you will begin to see the change. If you are using force to punish a behavior but the behavior isn’t decreasing, the behavior is not being changed. Join Lara in this webinar as she shows step by step procedures and training she uses to reduce the aggressive behaviors and concerns with the pigs she works with. Get the information you need to begin changing these behaviors today. Ask questions throughout the webinar. Seating is limited.

Preparing Your Pig For Success

There was overwhelming attendance the last time this webinar was given. Pigs are much different than dogs or other traditional companion animals. This webinar will go in detail on the different behaviors you will see in living with your pig, understanding its behavior, working with natural behaviors, potty training, addressing and preventing aggression, the importance of enrichment, several examples of enrichment, and much more. Lara will show you how to get your pig to want to do the things you want and need it to without the use of force or the need to chase your pig.

Pig Enrichment! Oink!

In this webinar, Lara Joseph shows a wide variety of enrichment and foraging items to make for companion pigs. Most of them are things you can make yourself at home with a wide variety of products you may already have around the house. Enrichment is a must for any animal, especially a pig. The more intelligent the animal, the harder it is to keep. Pigs are extremely intelligent and if you aren’t providing enrichment, they will provide it for itself and it probably is going to result in behavior issues and damage around the house. If your pig’s attention is focused on foraging and other enrichment, then they aren’t practicing or learning undesired behaviors. Lara uses foraging and enrichment as part of all behavior modification plans. If your pig is not foraging for their food, she’ll discuss why. She also shows the steps in teaching them to forage. This webinar is full of videos and photos an array of enrichment. When we know better, we do better!

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