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Design a workshop around your individual group of animal lovers, trainers, shelter workers, educators, veterinarians, vet techs and staff, etc. Our annual Animal Behavior, Training and Enrichment Workshops sell out fast. Now you don’t have to wait another year for openings in the next annual workshop. You can custom design a workshop here at The Animal Behavior Center around you and a group of people that have the same interests as you. You can also reserve your workshop for one, two, three days or more. Are you interested in working with a particular species of animal and behavior, more than one animal at a time, understanding more about interacting with animals and the science of behavior? The topics are limitless as well as the species of animals in which we can work.

What to expect with your custom workshop:

Individual guidance and training with Lara Joseph
Learning and practicing the laws of behavior with animals of interest
Individualized attention to your groups interests and concerns
Case studies and training and behavior modification plans

Example topics could be:

preparing your animal for the vet visit
applying behavior analysis and positive reinforcement with animals
low-stress handling during grooming and/or procedures
applying foundations of dog training to exotics and other species
working with and overcoming fear
applying low-stress interaction with your “insert animal here”
enrichment workshop
Minimum of 3 people, $350/person, maximum of 6

Workshop 6 hours/day including an hour lunch; 10am – 4pm

Our customized workshop are new, this is our introductory price

If interested in working with zoo animals, see A Day With The Trainer

Otherwise contact us below to schedule a custom workshop today!


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The Animal Behavior Center
"If you have a deaf dog, angry parrot, bonded pigeon or frustrated vulture (it’s illegal to take injured or orphaned animals from the wild, please don’t do this ?), Lara is a non-judgmental, start-where-you-are professional. The best way to help an animal you love with issues they have is to work on how you communicate with them; we weren’t all born knowing how to speak sign language or pigeon or vulture. So please, PLEASE ask a translator for help, if you can’t understand the animals around you. Lara is a translator; it’s her life’s work and clearly what she was put on this earth to do."