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The Animal Behavior Center


The Animal Behavior Center
Lara Joseph
Professional Animal Behavior Consultant & Trainer

Member of:

“Addressing Aggression with Your Pig”

  • A must watch for all pig owners!
  • Learn what you can implement now to begin changing aggression behaviors!
  • Learn tips and tricks visitors can help implement to have piggy welcome them vs charging them!
  • Understand why it is important to reinforce what we want our pig to do, vs telling them what not to do!
  • Understand why your pig is acting like this in the first place.

Are you concerned with aggressive behaviors you see with your pig? Is it charging, biting, and head-swinging? Has it learned to squeal and lunge at you when you are trying to get it to do what you want or need it to do? Can’t have visitors over anymore? This webinar is a must for any pig owner concerned with or already seeing these behaviors. The sooner you start changing these behaviors the sooner you will begin to see the change. If you are using force to punish a behavior but the behavior isn’t decreasing, the behavior is not being changed. Join Lara in this webinar as she shows step by step procedures and training she uses to reduce the aggressive behaviors and concerns with the pigs she works with. Get the information you need to begin changing these behaviors today. Ask questions throughout the webinar. Seating is limited.

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What people are saying about Lara Joseph
& The Animal Behavior Center

I contacted Lara out of desperation. My in laws visited for a week and our pig’s behavior made an already stressful situation even more difficult. Jasper started lunging at visitors and vocalized a high pitch scream constantly. He was definitely on high alert, pacing and demonstrating a tense body posture. I started implementing training (station, hand touch, getting him used to hooves and teeth being touched) and providing more enrichment opportunities. I am happy to say my in laws have been visiting this week and Jasper has done very well. Things aren’t perfect by any means but he only barked at them once upon entering the house. When I pulled his station out he went right on his carpet and was no longer interested in our visitors. This time there were no lunges, no screams, and he even showed a relax demeanor by laying down and falling asleep while our family visited and talked. Thank you Lara for your guidance, videos, and training. You have made a world of difference.

Anya Darling

Lara is a gifted teacher and trainer. She is such an intelligent, special, caring, warm and inviting person! Her center is spectacular and is set up perfectly for any sort of animal you might need help with. She shows you how to achieve the utmost enjoyment from your animal by teaching how to reinforce good behaviors by making it desirable for them to want to continue doing the behavior! There are no words that even begin to express the admiration I have for the gift she obviously has in working with animals in such a positive and make-sense fashion. She is absolutely a wonder! I feel so much gratitude toward Lara for the positive behaviors she has helped me to bring forth, sustain and enjoy in my Kwynn as well as Fetta!  The workshop far exceeded any expectations that I had going into it. I am just beside myself with awe at her connection with animals!  I highly encourage you to utilize her services if you have some things you wish to work on with your pets.

Karrie Fleetwood

owner of Fleetwood farms

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