Teaching Your Bird to Forage Webinar

The Animal Behavior Center

Teaching Your Bird to Forage

The Animal Behavior Center
Lara Joseph
Professional Animal Behavior Consultant & Trainer

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how-to webinar on teaching a bird to forage

About this Webinar

  • Foraging is a part of all of our behavior change plans!
  • If you want a bird to stop screaming, plucking, lunging, you must replace it with another behavior. Foraging can be that other behavior!
  • Foraging helps prevent boredom and gives your bird goals to reach while spending time alone.
  • I’ve never met a bird I couldn’t teach to forage. In this webinar, I show you how too!
  • This webinar is loaded with do-it-yourself foraging photos and videos.

If you have a bird and it is not foraging, this webinar should be top priority in your household or facility. Intelligent minds, such as the parrot’s, need other behaviors to keep their minds occupied. This webinar goes in-depth on where to begin teaching your bird to forage, no matter what its age. We will cover why it may not have worked for you in the past. Most of our birds here at the Center have come to us from shelters and not knowing how to forage. Lara will explain in detail all of the steps taken to teach each bird to forage and continue foraging. We will also discuss how to use foraging to help modify behavior concerns.

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What people are saying about Lara Joseph
& The Animal Behavior Center

I’ve been struggling for so long trying to teach our amazon to forage. Leaving him in his cage while we work all day puts a lot of stress on me. I’ve also struggled to teach him to forage or just get him interacting with his toys. This webinar helped me see where I have been taking too big of steps in trying to teach him. You also helped me realize so many ideas I could have been implementing but didn’t understand. I’m so excited to tell you that Charlie, my amazon has been foraging ever since I watched this webinar and is now very eager for the opportunity. I can’t thank you enough!!! I also love that all live-streamed, parrot-related webinars are free to those subscribed to The Parrot Project. Thank you for all you do for the parrot community!


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I’m excited to tell you that the screaming and behavior issues we have been having with our parrots in this household has decreased drastically since we began implementing many of the ideas you suggested. Our birds are so busy foraging for their food. You always say “In order to change a behavior, you must replace it with another.” I now finally understand, the foraging has replaced much of the screaming and the birds now anticipate eating in a way to obtain goals! Thank you!


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Only $34.99

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