Make an Aviary for Your Bird!

Learn how to make a custom aviary –
at a fraction of the cost of a commercial aviary!

All in this webinar from The Animal Behavior Center!

The Animal Behavior Center

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Creative Aviaries & Enclosures

  • If you own or care for birds, this is a must see.
  • See photos of different aviaries, videos of construction, materials used, ideas, expansions, restrictions, hazards, mistakes made, and more.
  • We will go in-depth of the endless possibilities in finding room for an outdoor aviary and/or building enclosures indoors.
  • We address aviaries on a budget and how to get creative with space no matter where you live.

What people are saying about
Lara Joseph
and this webinar

I have to tell you, this aviary webinar is a true standout! Holy cow! I was flooded (in a good way… lol) with great ideas in making large flights that I never thought of before for flight (like a batting cage – awesome idea!!!). The resource section was great, the tips were great, and numerous pictures really illustrated key points and helped. This is a key webinar for parrot owners!


Parrot Project subscriber

This should be a must see webinar for all parrot owners! The ideas are endless no matter if your wanting to build or create space indoors or out. I love that you cover areas of hazards and concerns because these are some of the reasons that have stopped me from building an outdoor aviary to this point. I’ve already begun implementing some of your amazing ideas and have seen a difference in my birds’ behaviors already. You were right! I’ll never not have an aviary again. This webinar is a Godsend! Thank you!


Parrot Project subscriber

Presented by Lara Joseph
owner of The Animal Behavior Center
Professional Animal Behavior Consultant & Trainer

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Only $34.99

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