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The Power of Enrichment

Live Webinar:
The Power of Enrichment on Parrot Behavior


DATE: Wednesday, April 19
TIME: 6:30 pm Eastern
WHERE: online via Zoom

About This Webinar

I always say “The more intelligent the animal, the harder it is to keep.” That is definitely the parrot! I recently gave this presentation to a large audience with great reviews. Join me in this 60-minute webinar as I present the importance of enrichment in many aspects of our parrots’ lives.

There will be time for a short Q&A after the presentation.

Here are some of the topics I will discuss in this virtual presentation:

• Defining and giving many different examples of enrichment
• Why enrichment is important
• Examples of how and why we use enrichment to change behavior concerns and prevent future behavior issues
• How we incorporate enrichment in our behavior modification plans
• How enrichment empowers our parrots
• Examples of behavior issues you may be seeing due to lack of appropriate enrichment based on your individual parrot
• Effects on behavior due to lack of appropriate and individualized enrichment
• How enrichment can change and prevent feather-destructive behaviors
• Cues parrots give that act as cues for potential behavior issues
• Photo and video examples of enrichment we use and make at The Animal Behavior Center
• And so much more…

Webinar will be available for a short time after the live presentation.

If you would like to see this presentation but cannot attend at the scheduled time, the webinar will be available for you to watch for seven days after the scheduled time. After that, it will be available on our webinar page for $34.99.

If you are a subscriber of The Animal Behavior Center’s Parrot Project or the Level II Mentorship program, your seat to this webinar is at no charge. If you are a subscriber to the mentioned, this webinar will be uploaded for you to watch at no charge once the webinar is finished.

Questions about the webinar?

Feel free to e-mail me at

Live Webinar: The Power of Enrichment on Parrot Behavior

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