Reinforcers, Reinforcement, & Identification Webinar

The Animal Behavior Center

The Animal Behavior Center
Lara Joseph
Professional Animal Behavior Consultant & Trainer

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Reinforcers, Reinforcement, & Identification

  • This webinar is a must for all animal households!
  • Reinforcers are much more than food!
  • If you are getting undesired behaviors from your animal, this webinar will help you understand the ‘why?’
  • Learn why a reinforcer works in one situation, but not in another!
  • Identify, build your list of reinforcers, and learn how to use them effectively!
  • This webinar will help you get a well-behaved animal at the vet, in public, and at home or work!

What is the difference between reinforcers and reinforcement mean? Why are these different than rewards? Identifying reinforcers, positive reinforcers, and understanding the difference in negative reinforcement is can be more challenging that one may originally think. Reinforcers aren’t always food and if we are relying on food as our only positive reinforcers, it won’t be long before we find ourselves in a situation with our animal asking “What do I do now?” There are also many situations where our animals are giving us behaviors but not because they want to. Be very careful in these situations. This webinar covers all aspects of the above mentioned, more, and examples of all.

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What people are saying about Lara Joseph & The Animal Behavior Center

As someone who does zoo work and runs my own live animal education program, I am quite aware of the impact good quality training can have. After my first meeting with Lara, I knew she was someone in whom I could trust. I have gotten to know her as a colleague and collaborator but I have also had the pleasure of watching her train my own personal birds. Her incredible perception of the subtle cues that many ignore is quite amazing to me. Her common sense approach and her ability to feel her way through training sessions is apparent. Her quick instincts make her one of the most flexible and adaptive personalities with which I’ve had the pleasure of working. I am so thankful for her continued service to our animals and their caretakers.

Jason J. Crean


Lara is a gifted teacher and trainer. She is such an intelligent, special, caring, warm and inviting person! Her center is spectacular and is set up perfectly for any sort of animal you might need help with. She shows you how to achieve the utmost enjoyment from your animal by teaching how to reinforce good behaviors by making it desirable for them to want to continue doing the behavior! There are no words that even begin to express the admiration I have for the gift she obviously has in working with animals in such a positive and make-sense fashion. She is absolutely a wonder! I feel so much gratitude toward Lara for the positive behaviors she has helped me to bring forth, sustain and enjoy in my Kwynn as well as Fetta!  The workshop far exceeded any expectations that I had going into it. I am just beside myself with awe at her connection with animals!  I highly encourage you to utilize her services if you have some things you wish to work on with your pets.

Karrie Fleetwood

owner of Fleetwood farms

Only $34.99

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